Orchestra in Central Park
Orchestra in Central Park


2016 Fun Run Fiddlers
2016 Fun Run Fiddlers


2016 String Camp
2016 String Camp


5K Run
2016 5K Fun Run

OATH Board Members, 2016 - 2017

To contact the OATH Board, please send email to President of the Board. All OATH members are volunters. Parents, please consider volunteering for a position marked "Open position". Email Dawn Castiglione (linked below) to sign up to support your Troy High Orchestra Members..

Director: Bryan Kolk
President: Maha Hasso and Laurie Watson
Vice President: Melissa Mazat Richard
Secretary: Kimberly Uptergrove
Treasurer: Kelly Huang
Receivables: Fan Felice Yang
5K Run and Fun Run: Malathi Subramanian, Lupita Lebbos
5k Helpers: Committee (Tia Li, Raabya Mahmood, Cathy Zhu, Ryan Baik)
8th grade potluck: Queenie Wong
Backstage Manager: OPEN
Band Liason: Julie Kohring
Banquet: Soon Wong
CDs and DVDs: OPEN
Concert Manager: OPEN
Concert of the Future Donut Coordinator: OPEN
Concessions: OPEN
Decorations and Showcase: Bibika Chabay
Donut Coordinator: Sybil Fernando
Facebook Administrator: Queenie Wong
Gala Coordinator: OPEN
Helper: Committee (Cathy Zhu)
House Manager: OPEN
Newsletter Editor: OPEN
Photographer: Paula Scarnecchia
Picnic Coodinator (Aug. 28, 2017): Libby Morris
Press Release Coordinator: Julie WenHsin Feng
Programs: Ryan Baik
Senior Ribbon Seamstress: Laura Lisowski
Spirit Wear Coordinator: OPEN
Spring Trip Coordinator: Laurie Watson, Kimberly Uptergrove
String Camp: Bibika Chabay
Student DB, Email and Student Directory: Peter Sellers
Ticket Sales Manager: Mehrunnisa Ahmad, Kim Choi
Uniforms: Kimberly Uptergrove
Videographer: OPEN
Volunteer Coordinator: Peter Sellers
Web Site: Peter Sellers
Yearbook: Paula Scarnecchia

OATH Expense Reimbursement Form
(for board members)

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